Confederate Veteran, Vol. V, No. 7, Nashville, Tenn., July, 1897.




Exact Copy of "Notice" to Confederate Prisoners in the Ohio Penitentiary.


The following rules and regulations will be observed in the treatment of the Rebel prisoners of war confined in this prison:

I. ROLL CALI..-The roll will be called daily as follows:

1. After unlocking in the morning.

2. After breakfast.

3. Before dinner.

4. Before locking up.

Prisoners will present themselves at roll call promptly, in proper order, and without avoidable noise. NO excuse for absence will be valid, except confinement in the dungeon or the hospital.

II. LOCKING UP.-At the proper signal each prisoner will take his stand in the door of his cell, where he will remain until the guard who locks him up arrives, to whom, if requested, he will give his name in a proper manner, then go in and close his door for locking.

III. LIGHTS.-No lights will be permitted in any cell after the proper hour, except by order of the warden. NO talking or noise allowed after the convicts are locked up, and no prisoner will sleep with his face covered.

IV. CONDUCT.-Prisoners are strictly forbidden to indulge in certain privileges, described as follows:

1. To go into each other's cells.

2. To make avoidable noise, either in talking or otherwise.

3. To play at disallowed games.

4. To converse in the dining room.

5. To converse with convicts on any pretext or for any purpose.

6. To converse with guards, except briefly in making known their necessary wants.

7. To be insolent or insulting in the use of language.

8. To absent themselves from roll call.

9. To crowd upon the surgeon, steward, or other person while transacting business.

10. To order funds for their use to be placed in the hands of any one except the authorized agent.

11. To transact any kind of business with any person, or to receive anything, without permission from the warden.

V. CORRESPONDENCE.-NO person will be permitted to write more than two letters in any week. NO letter to be of more than one page of common letter paper in length; to be without interlining or cross-lining; to be addressed to a near relative, of a strictly private nature, and subscribed by the writer's name in full. Others, except written by the permission of the warden, will be destroyed.

VI. SPECIAL.-The warden may, from time to time. permit one copy of a newspaper extract or telegram to be given to the prisoners, which, after examination, will be returned by the guard to the office. A failure to make return to the guard by the prisoner will involve the withdrawal of this order.

VII. GUARDS.-All guards and other persons, except those assigned or permitted by the warden to attend to this special duty, are forbidden to hold intercourse with the prisoners of war or to intrude upon the quarter of the prison in which they are confined. The guard in charge will report all persons violating this rule.

VIII. The furnishing of supplies to prisoners of war, by gift or purchase, having been forbidden by the Hon. Secretary of War, none such will be delivered until further orders.


Office Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus, December 12, 1863



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