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2006 Ga. Division Convention
Ancestor Index
CSA Notable Women
Daughters of the Confederacy
Flags of the CSA
Hardeman Biography
The Generals
The History of the UDC
November 2003 Meeting
April 2004
2008 Confederate Day
Member Memorials and Obits
40 Hours in a Dungeon
Immortal 600
Camp Chase Attempted Escape
Camp Morton
Crimes against Confederates at Elmira
Ohio POW Camp rules
Surgeon Address
The Prisoner of War
Vindcation of Wirz
Walter Addison Recollections as a prisoner
1st Battalion
45th Company K
45th Regiment
7th Georgia
Crawford County Greys
2006 Albany Convention Photos

Confederate States of America

"Let us be certain that our children know that the War Between The States was not a contest for the preservation of slavery, as some would have them to believe, but that it was a great struggle for the maintenance of Constitutional rights, and that men who fought  Were warriors tried and true, Who bore the flags of a Nation's trust. And fell in a cause, though lost, still just, And died for me and you."

J. Taylor Ellyson, Confederate veteran and post-war mayor of Richmond, Virginia





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